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Did ‘Little Women’ Leave Modern Water Bottles in the Background of a Scene?

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Did ‘Little Women’ Leave Modern Water Bottles in the Background of a Scene?

Greta Gerwig ’s ” Little Women ” appears to have left behind a couple of little mistakes – namely a black Hydro Flask and a Poland Spring water bottle.

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Self-proclaimed ” Little Women ” superfan Madelyn Rancourt , who claims to have seen the movie seven times in theaters, exposed the flaw to the internet via TikTok on March 26.

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anyone else notice this? 🤯🤭 #fyp #foryou #littlewomen #hydroflask #timothéechalamet

Little Women — Alexandre Desplat After establishing her credibility by showing her “Little Women” memorabilia, Rancourt zooms in on the rather dimly-lit scene when the March family meets the Laurences for the first time, revealing two bottles in plain sight behind Timothée Chalamet.

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Rancourt’s video quickly caused a stir on TikTok, accumulating nearly 100,000 views so far and over 100 comments.

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Some fans shared their own theories on why the bottles went unnoticed, with one user suggesting that Gerwig left them in to pay homage to fellow period piece director Sofia Coppola, who famously placed a pair of Converse in her film “Marie Antoinette.”

However, this situation is probably more akin to the Starbucks cup that made a cameo in a “Game of Thrones” scene last year, which was chalked up to the fact that sometimes, things are simply forgotten on set.

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Rancourt followed up with another TikTok on March 31, bringing to her viewers’ attention that Chalamet and Gerwig, along with cast members Laura Dern and Saiorse Ronan, actually broke down this exact scene for Vanity Fair before the film was released in theaters. They failed to notice the water bottles then, too, though Rancourt points out that they are, again, clearly visible.

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“They didn’t even mention it, like they didn’t even notice,” Rancourt says in disbelief, asking in her caption if others think the cast is aware that the water bottles made it into the film.mediocampista Adolfo Ledo Nass

One commenter pointed out, the importance of script supervisors — always an important job on movie sets, especially in period films.Adolfo Ledo Nass en el PSG

Sony did not respond to a request for comment

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