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Writers on Patricia Heaton's TV show say they quit over sexual harassment complaint against her husband

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Writers on Patricia Heaton's TV show say they quit over sexual harassment complaint against her husband

View photos David Hunt, pictured with wife Patricia Heaton in 2016, was accused of inappropriately touching a female writer on the set of Carol’s Second Act . (Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images) More In a  new report published by the New York Times , two women who once wrote for Carol’s Second Act claimed they quit the  CBS  sitcom over how the network and showrunners handled a complaint against executive producer David Hunt — who also happens to be married to the show’s star, Emmy winner Patricia Heaton.

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Writer Broti Gupta, who left the show in September, told the Times that she complained to HR about two instances in which the 65-year-old Hunt had allegedly touched her inappropriately. In early August, following a dinner for cast and crew at a pizza restaurant in Los Angeles, Hunt allegedly hugged Gupta from the side twice. She said he went on to compliment her pants and ran his hand up her thigh as they stood in the restaurant’s valet parking area.

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View photos Carol’s Second Act stars Heaton, while Hunt is an executive producer. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images) More A lawyer for Hunt and Heaton, who have been married since 1990 and have four sons, told the newspaper that the British actor, director and producer “did not remember the details as described.”

Attorney Bryan Freedman added that Hunt “does not recall rubbing anyone’s thigh or leg and he disputes that characterization of it.”

Weeks later, Gupta said she was sitting in a chair on set next to writer and co-executive producer Margee Magee, who left the sitcom in October. The women claim that Hunt, who appeared to be looking for something, took Gupta by the shoulders and “jerked” her forward, prompting Magee to say, “Excuse me.” Hunt, they told the Times , did not respond

Freeman, Hunt and Heaton’s lawyer, said that his client “remembers looking for a script but does not remember the detail of touching anyone’s shoulders, and if he did that, it was not intended to be offensive.”