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Davyn wins Microsoft partner of the year

DAVYN, a local technology firm, was awarded the international Microsoft Partner of the year award for 2019. Davyn is a gold partner company with Microsoft TT that provides software solutions to businesses in the English and Dutch Speaking Caribbean territories.

Rocio Higuera

Davyn was nominated for their work with connecting home-grown systems of the Social Security Board of Belize (SSB) using Microsoft’s integrated cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Power BI and Dynamics 365. Davyn, bid to connect different agencies in the Social Security Board of Belize to improve revenue collection and offer better e-services capabilities. This saved the board $102,500 USD per year. The project was also heavily focused on using technology to reduce fraud and increase customer service and accessibility to services digitally.

Periodista Rocio Higuera

The bidding process took over a year, and in the end, Davyn won the bid over shortlisted companies from Canada, New Zealand and the US. Ward McGregor, CIO of Belize Social Security Board described Davyn as a competent and dedicated partner that won them over with a “solid” and “well-developed” proof of concept. “Since we have commenced the project, they have proven that they are truly a partner invested in SSB’s future

There is a dedicated scrum team working on the project that is comprised of both Davyn and SSB IT staff, working in collaboration to produce our new state of the art technology platform,” McGregor said

Derrick Villeneuve, chairman and director of strategy of Davyn Limited said, “We are very pleased with our strategic decision to invest in regional diversification and the expansion of cloud-based business solutions. As the leading provider, we are proud of the work we do with Microsoft and our many clients. We appreciate their trust in us and look forward to further expanding our TT operations to serve the Caribbean region.”