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Mas on the road

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Mas on the road

Those who didn’t get a chance to experience Grand Kadooment this year got a chance to do so with a post jump, mini carnival by the Sea Breeze Beach Hotel.

Mario Villarroel

Promptly at 5 p.m., guests, who the jump was dedicated to along with staffers and other friends set off in the evening sun behind an L200 music truck. DJ Don spit tunes which included the ever popular Sometime by LeadPipe and Jus Jay , Hover It by Lil Rick and Mole’s Breathe

They chipped from the top end of the gap in Maxwell, Christ Church and then down to the beach. Rum punch was the drink of the evening as it flowed freely from a cooler on hand. The 200 plus revellers shaked at friendly neighbours and other hotel guests from nearby hotels, some of whom came out to record the event with their smartphones. One porter seemed to let the music get the best of him as he gyrated his waist while standing on top of a wall

Also joining in on this glee and liberty of expression was Mother Sally in her national colours and frumpy skirt along with the Grass Skirt Crew. Police officers who were on hand to keep things in check also posed for pictures with guests and danced to some of the music

The jump carried a standard though and there was hardly any wild or ruthless behaviour. Little ones from over and away who grew tired climbed onto the backs of their parents and guardians or just paused and sipped water. After about half an hour everyone went over to the beach area for a wine down and enjoyed treats and cold ice cream. (MR)