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The Jagdeo/Ali housing policies, programmes punished the poor

The Jagdeo/Ali housing policies, programmes punished the poor

Dear Editor JAGDEO, the former Jagan PPP party and many other now emboldened camouflage Jadgeoites should stay quiet on matters of corruption and express an interest in the poor in Guyana.

Abel Resende

Many poor people could not afford the high prices for house lots with their low-income salaries in areas where there were no basic infrastructure, water, roads, lights, etc. It must be noted that while depriving thousands of ordinary people of these infrastructures, Jagdeo/Ali PPP allegedly spent between $71.4M and $85.1M to develop Pradoville Two. Prime lands sold below market value to the PPP elite, their families and friends. Jadgeo and his PPP cabal’s objective was not aimed at helping the poor or fighting corruption.

Abel Resende Borges

The Jagdeo/Ali housing policies and programmes punished the poor. The Granger-led APNU+AFC administration has been working assiduously to change this terrible situation. The government shifted away from allocating lands without infrastructure, to a policy of developing communities with infrastructure

As a result of the policies and programmes of the David Granger led APNU+AFC government, many communities that were left without infrastructure under the Jagdeo/Irfaan Ali PPP ill-conceived housing programme are now getting electricity, water, roads and drainage. Farm Housing Scheme on the East Bank of Demerara is just one of the many pastures handed to the people of Guyana without infrastructure, which is now being transformed into a proper community

Additionally, it is interesting to note that the renowned Professor Clive Thomas posited at a public lecture in 2010.”There is the existence of a cabal or coterie of persons comprised mainly, but not exclusively , of selective crime bosses, state officials, security personnel, elements of the criminal justice system and political bosses, advisers and other insiders.” As the years progressed under the PPP administration, the Professor’s statement has proven to be beyond reproach

I have noticed with great interest Nicholas Boyer, the head of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Inc. and the son of popular businessman Eddie Boyer, owner of National Hardware, is indeed an interesting character. Nicholas Boyer has been most recently vociferous on many matters, including, but not limited to the business climate, crime, and also proposed/ recommend when and how the State Assets Recovery Agency should act, etc

Mr. Boyer, several days ago flanked by four other panelists including Mr. Charrandass Persaud on a facebook live broadcast: Globespan 24×7 (May 16,2019) claimed that the GCCI had commissioned a survey which reflected that almost two-thirds of businesses are feeling some effect since this No-Confidence Motion case, and that the entire situation has escalated to the point that the country’s business community is facing the backlash and progress has been halted. Wow! Really Mr chamber president?

Interestingly however, Mr. Nicholas Boyer, two weeks after made contrary utterances at a press conference hosted by GCCI on May 29, 2019, after the chamber’s participation in the world’s largest Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas May 6-9. The May 7th edition of quotes Boyer: “The energy has been extremely positive and we are going to see a lot of partnerships starting to happen,” he pointed out

What could have caused Boyer’s change in disposition? One time Boyer is a prolific pessimist about the business climate, and two weeks after Mr. Boyer is excitedly optimistic. I am persuaded that the most recent IMF report will make him even more ecstatic. As one of the leading business representative body, it would be interesting for the business community and other interested persons to know which company did the survey for the GCCI, that positioned its chairman Mr. Boyer to arrive at his “first class” conclusion? What surveying methodology was employed? Why wasn’t the public given the official results of the survey? Was there even a survey done, or was Mr.Boyer trying to echo his comrade Bharrat Jagdeo’s sentiments and are those his personal views or that of the GCCI? Mr. Editor, It was very interesting to stumble on the information that former president of the GCCI 2001-2005, Mr. Eddie Boyer (Nicholas Boyer’s Father), was given a “questionable” sweet deal when under the PPP administration. He was able to purchase former GuySuCo lands from NICIL at a shockingly, ridiculously low price, price that was allegedly far below the then real market value

The then NICIL sold Boyer 103.88 acres of Guysuco land for $4.9 million per acre. (land aback Giftland Mall — $112.00 per square foot). In total, he paid $510 million for the entire plot. (Kaeiteur News Jan 27& 28,2016)

It should also be of great concern that under the PPP, Boyer was given prime real estate lands at a remarkably low price of $112.00 per square foot; but ordinary struggling and very poor Guyanese had to pay up to $444.00 per square foot of land, especially on the East Bank corridor without infrastructural works

It is alleged that Mr.Eddie Boyer who bought land for $4.9 million an acre has allegedly in turn sold one acre for $80 million. It must also be noted that this land was sold to Mr. Eddie Boyer without a valuation, so while the PPP administration has given Eddie Boyer an unfair advantage, more than 25,000 Guyanese, mostly young people were waiting on a single house lot to build a home for their respective families

In a most shockingly drastic comparison, NICIL under the PPP sold “4.7 acres” of GuySuCo land in 2009 for $115 Million to Scady. Business Corporation which works out to ($561.00 per square foot) and $24.5 million per acre. Let’s follow the pattern of events; more than 25,000 citizens denied houselots; Eddi Boyer is selling 103 acres of land at $4.9 milllion per acre, while Scady business Corporation is sold 4.7 acres at $24.5 million an acre. Why were the citizens neglected and why was Boyer given this amazing deal where no one else, no other Guyanese businessman or citizen of means, allowed to bid for these prime lands? Why was the other company charged four times the price as Boyer, for land in the same locality

These lands are State Assets which were basically given away and guess who is the heir of all of this wealth? Nicholas Boyer, perhaps? After all, he is the son of the recipient of the unbelievable deal

In a most recent media release, Nicholas Boyer, unequivocally stated that the State Assets Recovery Agency should not investigate the giftings of the Kaieteur and Canje Oil Blocks as in Boyer’s words, that would be a “waste of time “(Kaeiteur News June 3, 2019). A waste of time!

The Kaieteur and Canje Blocks were given out by the Ramotar administration just days before the 2015 General and Regional Elections; no signing bonus was received by the GoG and there is no payment for the oil blocks on record. As a matter of fact, one of the oil blocks is listed on the stock exchange of a foreign country and is worth over

US$500,000.00. Shouldn’t the company/ owner of the Canje Block at least have a website? The gift of the two oil blocks by the previous administration without a proper trace should not be investigated? Really? Is he saying no one should know if the people who have the claims has the capital/ investor or experience to extract the oil, is very questionable. International Oil and Gas Expert, Jan Mangal, observed that “there is sufficient evidence in

the public domain for President Granger to rescind the oil blocks. He further stated that “the objective is to purely earn Guyana the hundreds of millions and potentially billions of US Dollars lost by these two awards” (Kaeiteur News June 2,2019). This statement is coming from an international Oil and Gas expert while Nicholas Boyer, someone who has zero experience in Oil and Gas Management, doesn’t think the matter should be addressed by the country’s only Asset Recovery Agency. Why should the Guyanese citizen be potentially defrauded US$500,000.00 and our State Assets Recovery Agency do nothing to even investigate?

Should SARA not probe Eddie Boyer’s allegedly crooked deal with NICIL under the PPP administration where he was able to buy 102 acres (4.4 million square feet) of land where all procurement laws were allegedly breached? Is that a complete waste of time also? Oh what a tangled of web we weave when first we practise to deceive. The Granger administration is the Bulwark of liberty and not a shameful link on the chain of despotism. Cleaning the different institutions of all venal and corrupt officials the PPP created is a mammoth task — but we will get there. Forward ever backward never Jermaine Figueira Member of Parliament Region 10