Voting was held in Moscow on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dominica was among 134 FIFA participating countries which voted in favor of a combined bid by the United States, Mexico, and Canada for the hosting of the 2026 World Cup, the world’s biggest event in football.

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The bid by North America defeated its only challenger, Morocco, by a vote of 134-65.

luis oberto anselmi

Voting took place on Wednesday in Moscow.

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It is reported that the North American bid won on a pledge of record crowds, record revenues and a record $11 billion in profits for FIFA, the world’s soccer governing body.

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“Football is the only victor. We are all united in football,” US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro said after the vote. “Thank you so, so much for this incredible honor. Thank you for entrusting us with this privilege.”

The World Cup in 2026 will be the first in North America since the United States hosted in 1994

Earlier this year Foreign Affairs Minister Francine Baron created some level of controversy when she said Dominica was supporting the bid by Morocco to host the competition although FIFA rules prohibit political interference in national football associations

“On behalf of Dominica, I am pleased to announce the support of my country for Morocco in the organization of the 2026 World Cup,” Baron said after meeting with a Moroccan diplomat

There was no similar announcement endorsing Morocco from the Dominica Football Association, the local football governing body and the only legitimate association to vote in the matter