To hear the laughter of children and other sounds of joy is a cherished blessing, especially in these days of murder and mayhem.

I was yesterday treated to the glorious, ear-shattering sound of children laughing raucously at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s where Carvalho Productions presented a play titled Pinotito.

The play is an adaptation of the story of Pinocchio and tells the tale of a wooden doll (Kyle Richardson) brought to life by a beautiful fairy (Nicole Wong Chong) as a special gift to his maker, Mr Toyer (Dese Simon) who is a good, honest, charitable man.

The fairy promises Pinotito that if he is good and develops at least three positive graces that all men ought to possess, she will transform him into a completely real boy of flesh and blood. Although Pinotito does want to become a real boy, he gets caught up with people who lead him astray, more than once.


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