Last year around this time the country lost a young mother to suicide. She jumped to her death while on vacation. If ever there was a silver lining to be found was the awareness that the news brought to mental illness and post-partum depression.

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YANA TT was formed and has since made several strides in supporting those with mental illness.

CARE stood in solidarity with YANA TT on International Awareness Day 2016, where brave moms and dads told their stories in hope that it would help break the stigma attached to mental illness and those suffering in silence would know ?You Are Not Alone?.

Statistics show that during the months of awareness, suicides tend to increase.

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It?s a catch 22 really?how do we raise awareness without triggering those that suffer?

I thought it fitting to post the article I published on my personal blog last year in hope that even more people receive life-saving information.

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Here is the information your loved ones suffering would need you to know:

I need you to know


If my post-partum depression has developed into post-partum psychosis I will not be aware.

My brain pattern will no longer look normal and I will no longer be able to reach out for help even if I wanted to.

At this stage I will be depending on those around me to know.

This is what I need you to know:

? Is there a history of mental illness (am I genetically inclined)

? Is my environment conducive to this developing (eg Have I experienced a death or job loss or something else in addition to being a new mom)

? I will need you to ask me straight out in a gentle loving manner if I am thinking of suicide

? If I say yes I need you to then entertain me and humour me for a little while longer, and then ask me how I think I?d do it.

? If I have actually thought of a plan then I need you to know that I?m a very high risk.

? If you notice sudden changes in my appetite and if I have missed a straight 24 hours of sleep.

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I need you to lovingly watch over me. I need you to clear away the cords, the knives, and the medicine cabinet… Clean out the house completely.

? I depend on you at this point. I AM NO LONGER IN CONTROL.

? And finally, if I am normally an impulsive person then that may be the only regular thing about me at this stage, which will further add to me making a rash decision that will never be able to be reversed.


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If you love me, please be in the know, because if ever I have a baby again and if ever I develop depression and if ever that depression morphs into psychosis.

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By the time you find out the information you need to know…it will be too late.

As a society we can help by just knowing the facts.

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Learn the signs.

When it is happening it will be too late at that point to go find out.

Join me on Facebook live tonight at nine where we will discuss this further.


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© Francisco Velásquez

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