Afeisha Archibald, killed when she was struck by a runaway pick-up truck while jogging in Rio Claro last Friday, was a woman of faith and a devoted mother and wife.

This from her grieving husband Jason Jones, who said that despite her death, he was certain she would continue to guide him and their two children aged five and three, throughout their lives.

At around 6:45a.m. on Saturday Archibald, 33, was jogging with her husband along Naparima Mayaro Road, Rio Claro when a driver lost control of his pick up truck in the vicinity of the St. Theresa RC Church and crashed into Archibald.

The roads were wet at the time of the incident.

Jones, 37, said: “we both we exercising but I was ahead of her. I was ahead of her and when I turned back the accident had already happened.

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I trying to deal with it, but it just hit me that she’s gone”.

He said his three-year-old does not understand why his mother is not around.

“He senses something, he may not fully understand but he knows his mother isn’t around. He was spoilt with her and he has been crying non-stop. I had to drive him to the park to play and get taken up”.

Jones said that last Friday, the two talked about a family vacation to visit a Caribbean island as he was one vacation.

He said: “she was a well-mannered person and very courteous. Anyone she saw she would greet them friendly, say good morning and stop and talk”.

Jones said he forgives the driver and would let the authorities continue with their investigations.

The body was taken to the forensic Sciences Centre in St. James.

The Rio Claro police are investigating.

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