UPDATE: The USDA released an 83-page list of stores that the Food and Safety Inspection Service has reason to believe received the sausage. The stores in Florida include Publix supermarkets in Gainesville, Leesburg and The Villages; a Grocery Advantage in Pensacola; a Ramsey?s Bristol in Bristol; and a Brickyard Market in Chipley.

Sausage maker Johnsonville made the latest not-food-in-your-food recall Thursday after customers found plastic in one of their smoked sausage brands.

According to the USDA recall notice , three customers complained to Johnsonville that they found pieces of hard, green plastic in their Jalapeño Cheddar Smoked Sausage. So, Johnsonville?s recalling the 14-ounce plastic six-packs of the fully cooked product that have a best by date of April 4, 2018 and are from batch Nos.

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1001124486 or 1001124487.

That accounts for approximately 109,603 pounds of sausage, all of which was produced Jan.

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4 and was sold in retail stores nationwide.


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