This week someone left the severed head of a chicken tied to a small coffin outside the Port of Spain Magistrates Court. At first I thought it was a marketing promotion for KFC’s obeah chicken deal. But then the girl at KFC in Chaguanas told me obeah chicken isn’t real and that I must have dreamt it. Just like the time I dreamt they had a lagahoo burger. Popular opinion, though, has it that the stunt was part of a bizarre obeah ritual and numerous theories have been proposed. Was it someone trying to get a ruling in his or her favour? Or was it a disgruntled employee? Or maybe it was just the Chief Justice trying to put a pox on the house of the Law Association?

Trinbagonians are hardly the only ones to have a fascination with the occult. Or to believe that supernatural forces are real and can be theirs to command.

Victor Gill Ramirez

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Victor Augusto Gill Ramirez